About Us

About Us:

The B.Ed. Program aims to train teachers for the schools in the government/private sector in India. The curriculum and evaluation systems adopted by the college are similar to those used in the typical Colleges of Education. Emphasis is given to the development of domain knowledge and teaching skills. They take foundational and experiential coursework to enable them to meet the students with linguistic, cultural, learning and behavioral diversity.

The practical focus of our programs means that Education students enjoy hands-on work experience in relevant school settings throughout their studies. Childhood Studies students undertake practical experience each semester and complete a research project in an area linked to their career goals and aspirations. Work based learning allows students of both programs to put theory into practice in a real-life setting.

The vision of Dr. Rajendra Prasad College is to provide quality Education in India with special emphasis on Primary Education in both urban and semi urban areas. If we have to give good Primary Education for our children who are the future citizens of India, there is great need to have quality teachers with a knowledge of innovative teaching methodologies, and that is what Dr. Rajendra Prasad College (B.Ed.) undertakes to do.

Aims & Objectives:

• To assist teachers in understanding theories, principles, techniques and process of teaching-learning.

• To help the trainees in understanding the child’s abilities, intelligence, aptitudes, emotion, instinct and interest.

• To help trainees in organizing, supervising and participating in co-curricular activities for the proper assessment of both scholastic and non-scholastic domain.

• Inculcating in them the constructive and naturalistic attitudes and encouraging them to cultivate some positive values.

• Equipping them with such humane qualities as honesty, sincerity, discipline, the sense of responsibility, the spirit of dedication, punctuality and the spirit of self-analysis which are required of a teacher entrusted with the responsibility of making worthy future citizens of the country.

Principal's Desk:

We believe in giving roots of value to our pupils so that they remain firmly rooted to the grounds or they can soar like falcons to touch the skies with their wings of ambition.

Dr. Rajendra Prasad College is a unique and innovative teachers' training institution. The main objective of our institution is to provide quality teachers' training to the prospective teachers and educators. We plan and motivate our students to implement lessons and units of instruction that reflect knowledge of human development, including the cognitive, effective, and psychomotor characteristics of the learner. We don't believe in endowing students with only theoretical knowledge, but we believe in integrating theory with practical. We also consider that it is our duty to build a high degree of ethical and moral responsibility in students. Therefore, we believe in giving roots of value to our pupils so that they remain firmly rooted to the ground or they can soar like falcons to touch the skies with their wings of ambition.

Our faculty members fathom the fact that students are born with a powerful desire to learn. The need is to keep this powerful desire alive through innovative teaching, wherein they may try new ideas, experiment various teaching styles and use ICT (Information & Communication Technology).